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So the Republicans don’t even think that Donald Trump is a Republican.
And that’s a bad thing how? We all know that we’ve been voting for Republicans for years and NONE of them have been Republicans!
They do nothing but cour! And it’s obviously we don’t want a Democrat.
I don’t think Tripp is really a Republican or a Democrat, and that’s a bad thing why?
Who made up a certain set of talking points that says you have to be one or the other and you can’t have a mind of your own?
Let’s remember white shrimp entered this race, he got so sick of watching both parties fill our country down the river that he decided nobody would do anything to bring us back to what we were accept him. He grew up here, he made his fortune here, he loves his family and he wants an America like the one he grew up in for his family and his grandchildren. The way things have been going for decades, who the heck would want another democrat or republican?
The Republicans say that trunk will make deals, what’s wrong with that as long as he wins and brings us back to where we were decades ago? Generations ago? He sure doesn’t hide his feelings and he sure doesn’t not tell you what he’s thinking and isn’t that what you said you wanted. I’ve seen more transparency in 1 Trump speech than in the last 40 years of politics!
Is he perfect, no. Was America ever perfect, no. Was America more like what our forefathers intended it to be some 30 or 40 years ago, yes. The Republicans don’t like Trump and that’s a good thing, they absolutely hate cruz and if that’s the case then nobody will get anything done again. Will trump win every single deal, No. Is he likely to come out on the vast majority of the deals on the winning side for us,yes.
If you hate Trump because he’s got money then don’t even bother to read this because John F Kennedy had money and so did a whole lot of politicians. If you stopped and listened to trump you would have heard him say basically, I’ve got enough money and I have no problem turning my Company over to my family or a trust. I could be somewhere else doing something more fun but I don’t want to see America lost forever.
If you think he’s running for president because he’s an egomaniac that needs power and fame then think again because he’s already got that. You certainly can’t be thinking is running for president for the money.
He is the ultimate example of what and where politicians came from at the beginning of our country, they left their farms and businesses for a short time to go to Washington and serve the public and then returned back to their farms and businesses. That’s what our forefathers had intended. Not the power crazed career politicians that we have had for the last hundred years!!!!! Politicians to stick to a party and don’t dare have a free thought of their own! You want to see corruption? Look at what the government has done in terms of brainwashing the children in colleges and why they are the ones turning out in droves for Bernie Sanders! They are the ones you should be afraid of and it’s not their fault that the evil politicians on both sides have been brain washing them and their parents have been supporting them! Life is a gamble, and I will put my money on Trump.