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    [b]Ben Carson vs Donald Trump[/b]
    Looks like a fishing trip for Donald.
    Ben’s opened a can of worms. If Donald baits the hook he will can a trophy fish!

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    Donald Trump is winning but can he stop upsetting the others. Will he have any friends when the elections are over.

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    That’s the only way to Make Our Country Great Again is for all of to unite. No other way we have to unite or the invasion will happen. I am simply an ordinary middle class citizen which I am proud to be but I am not stupid our country and I said OUR country is in trouble this is not a fear mongering statement anyone that thinks can figure this out. We need a strong Leader to rid our country of dangerous people who want to kill those that are different then themselves. As Republicans and Democrats we can fight later but now we need to unify or we won’t have two parties we won’t have any party. Think That’s why I am supporting Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America

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    Willie Robertson endorses Donald Trump at Outdoor Sportsman Awards
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was the headliner at the16th annual Outdoor Sportsman Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

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    Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “Wow! This might be my highest # yet! Thank you to my opposition- you are totally ineffective & have been for years! ”
    Wow! This might be my highest # yet! Thank you to my opposition- you are totally ineffective & have been for years! http://www.forbes.com/sites/joh

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    FUNNY These Celebrities Say They’d Leave the Country If Trump Wins
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    Feb 29, 2016 // 2:05pm
    As seen on Fox and Friends
    Donald Trump and his sons responded to the story in an interview on Fox and Friends. “I will join with my boys and bank for it,” the GOP candidate said.

    Jason Kurczak
    5 hrs · Ottawa, ON, Canada ·
    He is a fascist. In the literal sense; an amoral nationalistic leader with a strong cult of personality who will use popular opinion to justify actual violent crimes against anyone not sufficiently deemed to be on his side. I fear not that he is likely to win, but that even if he loses there could be a civil war…

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    Drew Griffith via Too Informed To Vote Republican
    1 hr ·
    I can’t wait till after the election… Bernie wins… and Trump loses million$ as people and business distance themselves from him.

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    Trump: A War Criminal in the Making
    Don’t dismiss the Donald’s murderous bluster — that’s how his global tribe of rabid nationalists and racists make countries great again

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