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    The Dallas Cowboys own a 6 6 record, with a slim chance to make the playoffs. Can Jason Garrett win out, get some help, and really make the playoffs?
    After seeing the Seattle Seahawks clip away at the Philadelphia Eagles, 24 10, many are still wondering if this 2017 Dallas Cowboys team can make the postseason.

    Sure https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/alfred-morris-jersey-c-38.html, the Eagles, who had a shot to lock up the division and pull further ahead in the NFC home field race, did themselves or the Cowboys no favors by losing.

    If you couldn’t stand rooting for that green team, you’re not alone. But hey, at least you tried, right?

    But really, did the narrative change much for the Cowboys had the Seahawks faltered? Actually, not much.

    The Cowboys need to win out regardless of who else is winning or losing. The math is really simple Lose one and you’re out. Win them all? Then maybe we can talk about punching a ticket to the playoffs.

    But of course, we’ll know more as the final stretch progresses, which makes this process absolutely fun to follow, and also incredibly stressful.

    Now, head coach Jason Garrett may have silenced his critics for a week by beating the Redskins. Of course Kellen Moore Jersey, his boss, Jerry Jones, is supplying a heavy dose of encouragement.

    Mr. Garrett has preached his motto, “finish the fight,” for years. Now, more than ever, he and the Cowboys need to apply this message.

    You know https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/john-lotulelei-jersey-c-39.html, after seeing how quarterback Eli Manning lost his job in New York, it makes you think. His benching certainly got my brain driving in hyper mode for a bit, and it drew me back to Garrett’s status.

    If Manning, a two time Super Bowl champion and a future Hall of Fame candidate, can essentially get sidelined, why can’t Garrett meet the same fate?

    Sure, Jones and the Cowboys top brass have the feel goods about the current head coach, but as we’ve seen over the Cowboys’ last three game losing streak, the fire around Dallas got really hot.

    Let’s see, among the things critics observed were poor game executions, failed halftime adjustments, and overall malnourished football minds who couldn’t score a touchdown if their life depended on it.

    And in the end, those three games could be the deciding factor if the Cowboys make or not make the playoffs in 2017.

    The support around Eli Manning was evident after his benching. The firestorm surrounding that news was big. Fans, former and current players, and even coaches around the league offered their two cents.

    Ultimately, the bad PR https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/rod-smith-jersey-c-37.html   ended some jobs for some folks in the New York Giants organization.

    And, I think, if the Dallas Cowboys somehow skid out of the 2017 race somehow, you can expect a lot of the same reaction towards Garrett. Fans, and even players on the roster, lost their patience during that losing skid. I’m not sure they’d like to live through another one, especially with the type of ammunition on this team going to waste.

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